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Arto Lepistö

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The returners first impressions 


I left Lapua 40 years ago to study, first in Ilmajoki and then at the Tampere University. It is a 
pleasure to finally return to Lapua to work for the City and the people of Lapua. I appreciate
the fact that the City Council valued my long and wide range of experience when choosing me.
Now we will see how useful my experience is.  
Compared to the early days of my working life, when a newcomer had to get to know all the 
facts, i.e. local knowledge and people all at once, the ICT-world today really does provide
useful tools for getting familiar with a new job. Nowadays it is possible to study the facts
on the internet and through e-mails in advance. For me things have fortunately been easier
still, because there are many people and places that I know from before.
Although the overall picture will become clearer with time, some impressions can already 
be made.
The number of positive things about Lapua is auspiciously large. The city is able to attract 
new citizens, something that all Finnish municipalities dream of doing. Over the decades
Lapua has been well known, and known in a positive way. Many Finns can place Lapua
on the map, and they can even mention many things related to Lapua.
The entrepreneurship
here is manifold and competitive.  
According to research people are satisfied with the
services the city offers. The figures of the city economy also reveal that Lapua is in no
sense even remotely close to a city in crisis.
The dark clouds of the future will probably not pass over Lapua. The most pressing issues, 
however, are threats concerning the independence of our city, cuts in the state finance,
the structural reform of the health care system and the depression the euro crisis is likely
to bring. The total three million euro cuts in the state finance by the year 2015 are not
going to be an easy problem to solve.
Things that the internet world cannot reveal are daily life issues connected to such 
qualities as management culture, organisation culture and municipal culture.  These
are factors that need to be understood and developed correctly, factors which include a
functioning, representative democracy, an open atmosphere, and trust and cooperation
between the politicians and civil servants. This arrangement cannot be fully understood
until I get to see and experience everyday working life here for myself. Certainly, the
municipal elections will bring their own flavour to the discussions this autumn.
The city will remain vital and competitive only through good leadership -  both political 
and professional.
In the middle of the turmoil of municipal reforms I remember the words of the poet Ilmari 
Se on Lapua, joka latua näyttää               It is Lapua that shows the way
Se on Lapua, joka johdattaa.                   It is Lapua that leads.
Se on Lapua, joka kalpaa käyttää             It is Lapua that uses the sword
Ja Suomen joukkoja kannustaa.               And encourages the Finnish.

Arto Lepistö                                                         


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