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We Welcome Our Students of all ages to study
today the knowledge and skills of tomorrow! 


Contact information

Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku
Kauppakatu 23, 62100 Lapua, Finland

Location:  Look at the map!
Telephone: Office: 358-6-438 4531   

Information video


The Lapua Adult Education centre is a goal-oriented, non-formal education institution. Our leading concepts are lifelong learning and self-development.

Main Goals

- to offer recreational studies for students from different age groups
- to answer students’ needs in the lifelong learning process

Education and Subject Areas

- General interest courses
- Open university
- Communication skiils
- Foreign languages
- Finnish for foreigners
- Computer skills
- Music
- Crafts
- Visual arts
- Theatre
- Lapua Art School
- Sports
- Dance
- Health and beauty

Lapua Art School

Lapua Art School was founded in 2000 and offers education in arts, crafts and theatre for children and adults. Through the studies participants are enabled to understand arts in their national and multicultural context and to express themselves through art.

The school also offers a basic education in arts and crafts for children and young people following the curriculums for the respective art form of the Finnish National Board of Education. This basic education enables participants upon completion to apply for higher or vocational education in the respective art form. You can find more information about primary education in arts on the pages of the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia:

The Institute in Numbers


6 full-time workers:
1 language teacher
2 visual art teachers (art and textile)
2 secretaries
100 part-time teachers

Lessons and Students

10,000 lessons (à 45 minutes)
3,000 students
200 courses

 How to sign up for our courses

- You can enroll in our classes through our website under the following link: (only in Finnish and Swedish). On the left side you can click on ”Kurssit” (courses). Then you can search for interesting classes according to topic area (e.g. art, sports, music etc.). Click on the respective topic area and then you can choose the subject (”aine”). If you for example would like to enroll in a Finnish language class you can click on ”Kielet”, then click on ”3 Suomi” for Finnish. Then all Finnish classes are displayed on the screen:

If you then click on ”Lisätietoa” you can read the course description. In the course description you find all necessary information (registration time, class time and course fee). You can then register by clicking on ”Ilmoittaudu”.

You are automatically redirected to the shopping cart (”ostoskori”) where you can fill in your personal details. Please choose as following:

  • ”Valitse kotikunta tai osasto”: Here you choose your home municipality, e.g. Lapua, Kauhava etc.

  • ”Henkilötunnus”: This is your personal identification code which you have received from the magistrate when registering as a permanent resident in Finland.

  • ”Puhuttelunimi”: Please enter your given name.

  • ”Sukunimi”: Please enter your family name.

  • ”Lähiosoite”: Please enter street address and house number.

  • ”Postinumero ja Postitoimipaikka”: Please enter your postal code and the city.

  • ”Sähköpostiosoite”: Please enter your email address.

  • ”Matkapuhelin”: Please enter your mobile phone number.

  • ”Koulutustausta”: Please enter your education level:

    • ”1: Perusaste”: Basic education (e.g. primary school, lower secundary education)

    • ”2: Toinen aste”: Secondary education (e.g. higher secondary or vocational studies)

    • ”3: Korkea aste”: Higher education (e.g. university or university of applied sciences)

    • ”4: Ei tiedossa”: Not known or for young children

  • ”Pääasiallinen toiminta”: Your current occupation:

    • ”1: Työllinen”: Employed or self-employed.

    • ”2: Työtön”: Unemployed

    • ”3: Opiskelija/koululainen”: Student or pupil

    • ”4: Eläkeläinen”: Retired

    • ”5: Muut”: Other, e.g. stay-at-home mum or dad, under-school-age chidlren, military or community service

  • ”Valitse äidinkieli”: Please choose your mother tongue from the drop-down.

  • You can choose if you want to receive updates from the Adult Education Centre via e-mail or not by clicking either on ”ei saa lähettää” for no information or ”saa lähettää” for information.

  • Last but not least you have to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and click on ”Lähetä ilmoittautuminen” to send your course registration.

- You can also enroll by telephone (06 438 4531) or by visiting our office in Kustaa Tiitun tie 1, Lapua. Enrollment dates and course information you can find in our programme (e.g. in the city library).

- Students are accepted in the order of registration. When signing up for a class, you will be immediately informed if there is room for you in the course or not. Signing up for a class is binding. You may however cancel your registration up working days before the class starts. If you do not cancel your registration on time, a cancellation fee of 10 € will be charged. If you do not cancel at all and do not attend the class the whole amount of the class fee will be charged. Please note that you always have to register in advance. If there is not enough participants in a class it will be cancelled and registered participants will be informed by a text message. Please note that you cannot attend a class without prior registration.

Study Pass

You can buy a study pass (”opinto passi”) for 105 € in the office of the Adult Education Centre in Kustaa Tiitun tie 1, Lapua. You can buy it always in September for the respective academic year. The study pass enables you to pay 105€ in total and you can register for as many classes as you want. Please note that not all classes are included in the study pass. If this is the case it is stated in the course description with ”Kurssi ei sisälly opintopassiin” (=course is not included in the study pass). Please also note that open university classes and basic education in arts and craft are not included in the study pass.

Information for Immigrants

Please note that you are entitled to free Finnish classes if you are an immigrant.

Culture and Sports Vouchers

We accept culture and sports vouchers that you might receive from your employer. Sports vouchers can be used to pay for sports- and dancing classes. Culture vouchers can be used to pay for all our classes. Please note that you have to come to our office with your voucher before the class starts. Then we are able to pay the discount difference back to you.


Upon request we can issue certificates. Please note that we have to charge a service fee of 8 €.


In case of accidents students are insured through the City of Lapua.

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